NDC members lynched in Roan constituency

By Staff Reporter


OPPOSITION National Democratic Congress (NDC) members in Roan constituency were this morning brutally beaten by suspected Patriotic Front members.

And some NDC officials are said to have been arrested and detained at Mpatamatu police station after being attacked at a home for one of the officials by some people believed to be PF cadres.


In a video circulating on social media, one of the victims said they met their fate when they were travelling in a private vehicle to various polling stations they were assigned to monitor today’s by-election.


“They said, why are you moving this time (at night)? Why are you moving this time? When we started moving, they stopped us again. They said, bring all the machetes and sticks. That’s how they threw all the sticks and put the machetes in the car,” he said.


“Here they sliced me with a knife (showing a knife wound) twice while I was at the steering wheel. When I wanted to go out from the other side they dragged me back. When they demanded for the car keys I put them in my pants, then they dragged and started hitting me with sticks. One of us was hit on the head and he has sustained a deep cut. They have really injured us badly,” he narrated.

“We are badly injured, i sustained a deep cut and I have been stitched on my forehead here. I have stitches here, should I remove the bandage you see? (the wound revealed his forehead has eight stiches). We refused and asked them what wrong we had done. And they said you can’t be moving in the night. The people who were there in the night saw that we didn’t resist rather we pleaded with them”.


Question. So, (at the hospital) you were put on a drip?


Answer. Yes, they did put me on a drip boss.


NDC spokesperson Saboi Imboela accused the Patriotic Front of once again ferrying cadres from intercity with Lusaka Province minister Bowman Lusambo commandeering them through the night into this morning.

Imboela said scores of NDC cadres had been axed and violently beaten while money on voting day was being given to residents.

“This has come in light of the PF smelling their defeat. Damage has been done to several NDC members and vehicles that were accredited as monitors and polling agents. The NDC members have also identified Hon. Jean Kapata as having led a team to an NDC member’s house were NDC officials: constituency secretary: Misheck Kanyanta, constituency chairlady: Bertha Mutale and the driver Joseph Chileshe were camped,” said Imboela.

She said PF cadres jumped over the fence, destroyed the gate and broke the door to the house.

“They were camped at the house awaiting break of dawn to start assisting the polling monitors and agents. The officials are currently detained at Mpatamato police station,” she said.

Meanwhile, PF media director Sunday Chanda said his party learnt that an NDC vehicle carrying suspected criminals and machetes in Luanshya where allegedly attacked by suspected PF cadres.


In a statement this morning, Chanda said his party continue to call on all members of the public, including party members across the country to avoid taking the law in their own hands but report any suspected criminality such as the carrying of offensive weapons to the Zambia Police.


“PF is, however, not shocked that NDC has resorted to employing criminality as this was confirmed by Mr. Chishimba Kambwili who warned his imaginary vote riggers that they would get killed in the polling stations,” said Chanda.


He said while his party understood Kambwili’s desperation, they refuse to believe that NDC must hire criminals and carry machetes in what has generally been a peaceful campaign in Roan Constituency.