PF’s premature end on its way – Chipimo

By Staff Reporter

NATIONAL Restoration Party president Elias Chipimo says he is worried that a premature end for the PF government is on its way.

Chipimo, who featured on Hot FM radio’s Frank on Hot programme, hoped the PF government could become wise before its impulsive downfall.

“There is an expression that a wise man learns from someone else’s mistakes….. a fool learns from his own! The PF have a chance to be wise; whether they will take up that opportunity and exercise wisdom, humility, patience, leadership, I don’t know – I don’t have too much faith that they will do that,” Chipimo noted.

“I really do worry about what is coming before we even get to 2021. I want to see this government out in the right way; I don’t want them to have a premature end. [But] I’m very worried, based on what they are doing, that that premature end is on its way.”

And on the national dialogue debate, Chipimo, who is a lawyer, said: “dialogue must be voluntary! Dialogue is not [about] holding a gun to my head and saying ‘you have to talk.’ Dialogue means that if you want to remain quiet, I have to respect that.”