Kapiri clergyman lambasts ‘runaway’ husbands

By Staff Reporter

KAPIRI MPOSHI’s Body of Christ Ministries Centre Church overseer Pastor Evans Mpundu has urged young people to engage in productive activities that would enable them grow up into responsible citizens.

And Pastor Mpundu has lambasted men that have a tendency of abandoning their wives and children.

Speaking after the sermon on Sunday afternoon, Pastor Mpundu observed that the current crop of youths in communities were in a habit of engaging in illicit activities that were detrimental to their lives.

He explained that it was disheartening to note that most youths were “failing to even run errands at household level.”

The clergy pointed out that majority youths were “busy lazing around such that they cannot even initiate a backyard garden.”

Pastor Mpundu advised young people to be responsible enough and find time to help their parents and guardians, stressing that “charity begins at home.”

He said that young people had a responsibility to “render a helping hand to their parents and guardians.”

Pastor Mpundu explained that by making youths run errands at home, parents and guardians were grooming young people into responsible citizens.

Meanwhile, Pastor Mpundu has lambasted men that have a tendency of abandoning their wives and children.

He stated that men that abandon their “wives and children in preference for prostitutes were a disgrace to society.”

The clergy observed that some men had even gone to extent of renting houses for concubines while their wives and children were struggling to make ends meet; adding that “this is tantamount to witchcraft.”

Pastor Mpundu further noted that the tendency by men to abandon their wives was contributing to the rise in numbers of women and children becoming destitute.

He explained that the number of “children on the streets keep on swelling because of irresponsible men that fail to take care of their families.”