LCC bans heavy duty vehicles from parking in residential areas

By Staff Reporter

LUSAKA City Council (LCC) has intensified the enforcement of by-laws restricting parking of trucks and heavy-duty vehicles in residential streets and premises.

LCC Public Relations Manager George Sichimba said the appropriate places for parking such vehicles are industrial and commercial areas of the city.

He explained that parking of trucks and heavy-duty vehicles that exceed 4.5 tonnes or 7.5 metres in length are prohibited in any residential streets and premises.


Sichimba said that the practice contravenes Part 3 Section 21 Subsection 4(e) of the Urban and Regional Planning Act No. 3 of 2015.


He said parking trucks and heavy-duty vehicles in residential streets and premises is not just an inconvenience to other residents and motorists but also cause damage to roads in residential areas as they are not designed for such vehicles.


“Those who are perpetuating this illegality must stop forthwith or they risk their vehicles being impounded and owners penalised in accordance with the law,” he said.


And Lusaka City Council Planning Authority has set June 30, 2019 as the deadline for accepting hard copy applications for permissions to develop, subdivide/consolidate and change of land use.

Sichimba said the planning authority launched the automation of the construction permitting system on January 4, 2019.

He said this means that clients can now access the above stated services online and monitor the progress online.

“During the grace period, the local authority will continue accepting both hard copy and online applications,” he said.