DMMU to repair road connecting Kalabo and Nalolo

By Staff Reporter


Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) has approved the reconstruction of culverts on the Ndoka Bridge along Kalongola road which connects Kalabo and Nalolo districts.

Owing to erosion and corrosion over the years, the culverts were last year collapsed by flood water disrupting public service delivery in Nalolo district and parts of Kalabo Central constituency such as Lukona, Namulilo, N’guma and Mitwi wards.

Speaking during a pilot programme for climate resilience (PPCR), district meeting, Kalabo District Planner Tozya Jengajenga said the project would be funded under adaptation contingency funds within the PPCR programme.

She further said the reconstruction of culverts on Ndoka Bridge along Kalongola road was approved alongside four other projects which include the reconstruction of small bridges at Ndoka, Yamba and Samba along Lwambimba – Libonda road.

Others as the rehabilitation of Silanda Primary School, a home economics block and Lwanginga Girls hostel at Kalabo Secondary School.