Copperbelt motorists agonize over poor roads 

By Staff Reporter

Some motorist on the Copperbelt Province are agonising over the poor state of roads in most towns in the province.

Speaking to a motorist, Chileshe Bwalya of Kitwe said township roads in the area had now become a source of worry to motorists and pedestrians alike

Bwalya said despite Copperbelt being a mining province, there was nothing to show for it in terms of infrastructure development.

“Am calling upon on the PF government through ministry of mines and ministry of works to engage the mining companies in order for the roads to be worked on, why should we not benefit from our minerals. Trucks carrying copper are the ones damaging our roads in the province,” said Bwalya

Another motorist, Mike Chanda of Luanshya said roads in the town needs agent attentions as they have become worse.

Chanda added people of Luanshya district do not even know the benefits of having minerals in the district as they were the most hit by poor road network.

“If government cannot engage mining companies to work on roads in the Copperbelt then we don’t know who will work on the roads. Another suggestion is that mining companies can construct their own roads for trucks carrying copper. We are tired of using bumpy roads,” said Chanda

Meanwhile, opposition Socialist Party has challenged government to quickly work on township roads in Chingola district.

Speaking when addressing party members in Nchanga Constituency party spokesperson Father Richard Luonde prodded government to pay attention to the deteriorating state of the roads.

“Mwase and Nsama roads have completely been damaged and vehicles can no longer use the roads properly .am calling upon voters in the area to be voting for people who have a heart for the people and you should not be voting because of chitenge materials or money but vote for leaders who can deliver,” said Fr Luonde

Fr Luonde expressed disappoint that the area members of parliament had failed to address the road network problems.

Early this week during a press briefing Socialist Party General Secretary Dr Cosmas Musumali said Copperbelt Province is economically sick and desolate due to inept leadership exhibited by the Patriotic Front government.

Speaking during a media briefing at the Party provincial office in Kitwe on Sunday Dr Musumali said the prospect of emancipation for most people was doomed as their micro economic status was deteriorating by the day.

Dr Musumali said the growing trade imbalance was further suppressing any economic activities in the country.

“Because of this poor economy, there are those late payments of salaries for the people, people are not being paid on time. And that is why you have contractors going bankrupt because government is not able to meet its obligations,” Dr Musumali said.

“Generally, this country is about to ground to a halt, Zambia has started paying back external debt and as we pay this reckless acquired debt, we are not able to ensure that all other obligations can be addressed at a right time and sufficiently”.

He said those in power may not feel the impact of none payment of salaries as they were leaving on allowances with high pay slips while for the ordinary worker a delayed salary even for three days caused so much misery as their social obligations fall due.

And a check by in Kitwe, Chingola, Ndola and Kalulushi found that most township roads in a dare in state.