Chilufya Tayali to de-register his party

By Staff Reporter

Economic and Equity Party president Chilufya Tayali says he is going to write to the Registrar of Societies to deregister his party because of difficult circumstances he is facing.

In a statement yesterday, Tayali said his personal development does not allow him to head a party and for that reason, he wanted it deregistered.

He said since the registration of Economic and Equity Party he has been the only one funding the party and its operations.

“I am no longer willing to continue being president or support the party in any way. I am intending to write the Registrar of Societies to have the certificate cancelled by 22nd of March,2019. Recognizing the fact that, a political party is not personal, I put out this public notice, so that if there is a member with objections can come forward and present their case,” said Tayali

He said if no one comes forward, he would proceed to write the letter on March 22, 2019.

“Thereafter, my participation in politics will only go as far as public discussions, like any other person,” he said.