Activist questions Matibini’s decision to declare Roan seat vacant

By Staff Reporter

A GOVERNANCE activist has questioned the decision by Speaker of the National Assembly Dr Patrick Matibini to declare the Roan parliamentary seat vacant when the matter was still active in the courts of law.

Dr Matibini yesterday declared the Roan seat held by Chishimba Kambwili vacant despite the latter challenging the decision of his expulsion from the ruling Patriotic Front in the court

Kebby Kalima told in a phone interview this morning that it appeared Dr Matibini had declared a conflict with the courts of law by usurping their jurisdiction over a matter that was still very active.

Kalima observed that the move needed interpretation as citizens do not understand what is happening.

“The seat is before the courts of law, although Kambwili says that he has accepted the outcome, it sets a bad precedence,” he said.

Kalima noted that in future if not clarification was availed, the Speaker would be able to declare seats vacant even when they were before the courts of law.

And Mike Sitali alleged that the speaker acted on double standard in the way he applied the law.

“We have had UPND members of parliament who stayed for almost five years serving in the PF government as ministers against the wish of UPND but the same Speaker could not declare their seats vacant,” he said.

Speaker Matibini declared the Roan parliamentary seat vacant following a point of order raised by Malambo member of parliament Makebi Zulu who was challenging eligibility of Kambwili to remain in parliament on the PF ticket when he had declared his opposition NDC party membership.