Sampa explains circle road adverts

By Staff Reporter

Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa has clarified that the Lusaka City Council is not targeting Hybrid Poultry Farming after he ordered the removal of a huge chicken Statue on Great East Road.

In a statement, Sampa said that Hybrid Poultry is out of contract for the traffic circle advertisement but that the Council would approve renewal if the imposing sculpture of a chicken was moved to the Hybrid turn-off.

He said LCC officials were on the ground planning a transformation of all traffic circles in Lusaka as quickly as possible.

“This move is, therefore, not targeted at any individual corporate institution or business. We believe that the responsibility of keeping Lusaka City tidy and beautiful falls on all of us,” he said.

Sampa also disclosed that he had a mutual meeting with Hybrid Poultry director Huw Morris over the developments.


During a breakfast show on Radio phoenix this morning, Sampa appealed for public supports as he embarks on the transformation of the Lusaka city.