Itezhi-tezhi residents pledge support to SP

By Staff Reporter

Some residents of Itezhi-tezhi district in Central Province have pledged their full work support to the opposition Socialist Party.

Speaking in an interview with, Stallone Mukungu Nawa of Masasabi area in Itezhi-tezhi district said it was encouraging to see how the party is practicing the socialist values in the area.
Nawa said the party had exhibited its allegiance to the majority poor people of Zambia and would fight hard to make sure that the gap between the rich and poor was narrowed.

“In the capitalist society things are becoming worse this time around as the poor are getting poorer and the rich are getting richer. But in the socialist society the gap will be narrowed,” said Nawa

He said the party has already demonstrated that the equity in the manner they mobilised themselves.
“We want to say that we have welcomed the party in Itezhi-tezhi district because of its socialist values, the party doesn’t chose who is who as they are all equal starting with the president,” he said

And Nawa has called on Zambians to identify themselves with the Socialist Party as its agenda and development programme resonated with the aspirations of the suffering masses.

Another resident who is also a party member, Field Lweendo of Namaula area said the people of Itezhi-tezhi were ready to work with the party while assuring that the constituency would deliver a Member of Parliament, Council Chairperson and Councillors in 2021 elections.

Lweendo said the people were humbled with the works the party had shown so far to the people of Itezhi-tezhi district.

She said the people are also happy with a socialist party member Sheikh Chifuwe who has been helping the people in area with different support in churches, schools and other social sectors.

“Mr Chifuwe has a good heart and he has a helping heart because we have worked with him for years now and he is in touch with the community and he responds whenever we have a challenge in our area, and these are the leaders we need in our areas,” said Lweendo.

Lweendo has appealed Chifuwe to continue supporting the people of Itezhi-tezhi in different ways.
She called on the people in the area to help the party in the fight for Justice, Equity and Peace in the country by giving it an electoral mandate in 2021.