Chief Chanje worry with continued gassing in the country

By Staff Reporter

Chief Chanje of the Chewa people in chipangali district of eastern province has expressed worry with the gassers who have now reached his chiefdom.

Speaking to yesterday Chief Chanje has expressed sadness and disappointing that the gassers had even reached villages causing panic among his people and those from chief Chikuwe where he is the caretaker.

Chief Chanje said he has since called an emergence meeting with all his village headmen in chief chanje and chief Chikuwe in order to safeguard the two chiefdoms.

“The current situation has disturbed our boys and girls who are doing census mappings in our areas, school going children, people having sleepless nights, beating innocent people, stealing and etc,” said Chief Chanje.

He has appealed to government to help the people doing census mapping with identity cards clothing for their safety.