Stop the rot – demands HH

By Staff Reporter

OPPOSITION United Party for National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema has demanded for immediate action to stop rituals killings and gassing of people in the country.

In a statement this morning, Hichilema wondered how a normal person with a leadership responsibility could behave normally when citizens were being butchered daily.

Hichilema said no life should be lost under any circumstances.

He said it was unprecedented that the Head of State would go jogging or enjoying a beer while citizens were living in fear, were being killed and school children were being gassed in government schools.

“That is not us, we have a responsibility to the citizens to ensure that PF sits up to protect them. When men and women are spending sleepness nights providing security to their beloved families, we get touched because they are part of us. Call us what you want as long as our people are not secure, we shall forever remain restless because we love them. Stop the killings! Stop the gassing of citizens. Find the culprits and bring them to book,” said Hichilema

Meanwhile, Hichilema said they have been informed by Magoba ward councillor in Kafue, Buumba Malambo that one old mother was together with her grandchildren in the rural Kafue last night gassed by the criminals.

“When we say to those holding onto State power to take responsibility by ensuring that those arrested disclose publicly who is sending them and begin court processes, they are unwilling to cooperate, as though they are beneficiaries of the criminality. Instead of adhering to the calls of the victims and the vulnerable, they label us as mental patients who must seek mental attention,” he said.
“Isn’t that mocking our mentally challenged persons who are also citizens with equal rights like anyone else?’