PF know the ritual killers- Katuka

By Staff Reporter

OPPOSITION United Party for National Development (UPND) says Zambians have always had strong and compelling suspicions that the PF regime are aware of the people behind the ritual killings and gassing of citizens in their homes.

And some UPND leaders this afternoon reported their former deputy president, Goefrey Bwalya Mwamba to woodlands police station for concealing information about people involved in the ritual killings and gassing of people in the country the past two months.

In a Statement to newsdayzambia.comUPND secretary General Stephen Katuka said true to these widely held views, senior PF member, GBM was yesterday quoted by the Daily Nation newspaper about knowledge of the people behind these heinous crimes, and that he had infact been aware for the past five years.

Katuka said GBM’s confession comes against the backdrop of Mr. Edgar Lungu’s offer of K250,000 as reward for anyone with information about the ritual killers and gassing of citizens.

“We are aware that Mr. Lungu and GBM were together last week during by-election campaigns in Chilubi constituency. Naturally they must have exchanged notes on a number of matters including the thorny issue of alleged ritual killings and gassing of citizens,” said Katuka.

He therefore wonder why GBM could not pass on such very sensitive information to President Edgar Lungu then? As GBM says he has been aware of the schemes for the past five years.

Katuka said GBM should know that not reporting a crime to law enforcement agencies is a serious offense and amounts to being an accomplice.

“Citizens are being tormented in their homes while others are being shot at by the Police or killed by mobs in their communities, and yet GBM is quite about it. We call on the Police to immediately summon GBM for questioning and tell Zambians what the PF know about ritual killers and gassing of citizens. His long silence has cost some lives and people are in panic and yet he says he has the information on his finger tips,” he said.

Katuka added that People’s livelihoods have been ruined because they can’t go about their business freely and peacefully, yet PF senior members like GBM are aware of these schemes of death and destruction.

“We have no doubt that if GBM was in the opposition, by this morning he would have been at the police station facing interrogations. If the Police do not arrest GBM, ordinary people will have no choice but effect a citizens’ arrest on him and all those PF members who claim first hand knowledge of these heinous criminal acts,” he said.

Meanwhile, a team of UPND leaders led by Mufalali Likando and Levi Ngoma reported GBM to woodlands police station for concealing information relating to ritual killings and gassing.