LWSC assures customers water is safe 

By Staff Reporter
The Lusaka Water Supply and Sanitation Company (LWSC) managing director Jonathan Kampata has assured of safe drinking water, dispelling social media reports the water was contaminated.
There was a social media report which went viral last week alleging that one of its major water sources has been poisoned.
Kampata said the investigations had proved that the reports were not only alarming but unfactual.
And earlier, LWSC Public Relations Officer Nshamba Muzungu has stated that the company was investigating the reports and would soon give an update.
“LWSC has been made aware of the alarming message being circulated on social media alleging that one of our major water sources is suspected to have been poisoned. We have taken note and we are looking into the matter with urgency. Should we find anything confirming the rumour, we shall urgently inform our esteemed customers,” said Muzungu.
“All our key water installations remain under 24/7 security guard and our water surveillance team has been conducting routine water quality sampling and testing. For further investigations, we have taken a step to report the matter to the Zambia Police and ZICTA.”
He has since advised the public to contact LWSC.
“The public is advised to contact LWSC offices to lodge any complaint or to pass on any information that they may have,” he said.