‘Dormant’ FFTUZ to start all over again – Msiska

By Staff Reporter

The Federation of Free Trade Unions of Zambia has pledged to “start all over again” in its advocacy of workers’ rights.

Federation president Chingati Msiska told journalists in Lusaka yesterday that: “we have to change the way we look at or we handle the representation of our workers.”

“So, we’ll speak more,” Msiska responded when asked why the Federation of Free Trade Unions of Zambia (FFTUZ) has, amidst labour disputes, been lying dormant for years now.

“We have been silent; yes, there is always time. This is another time. We are starting all over again and FFTUZ of yesterday is not FFTUZ of today.”

He claimed that tomorrow’s vision for the FFTUZ was changing.

“So, the FFTUZ you are going to see now is very different from the one you had seen yesterday. We could be the same people but believe you me, things are changing because the world has evolved,” Msiska added.

Msiska had also a word of the media in the country.

“You the media, help us; please help us. If you have any information let us know and if we have any details, we’ll be able to answer to whatever questions,” Msiska indicated.

Earlier, Msiska announced the 11 member executive of the FFTUZ.

The executive members were elected at the Federation’s supreme labour conference held in Kabwe on September 17, 2019.

Msiska indicated that the FFTUZ’s women chairperson as well as the youth chairperson would be sitting as part of the executive.

“We are very gender-sensitive and we have five women in the executive out of the number 11,” he said.
Other executive members of the FFTUZ are vice-president Kabisa Muyaiwa and national secretary Victor Muyumba.

There are also assistant national secretary – finance and investment (Marrian Muchindu), assistant national secretary – administration and organisation (Wisdom Ngwira), assistant national secretary – international relations (Kasapo Kabende), and national trustees in Nelson Mwale, Misozi Luhana and Florence Lupambo.

Msiska assured the nation that “with this team in place, the complexion of the labour movement will never be the same.”

“We are not only going to ensure that the rights of workers are promoted and protected through the decent work agenda but also that the workers in this country are sensitised on legislative matters and the importance of being productive for better remuneration,” said Msiska.

“We are ready to collaborate with our friends at [the] Zambia Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU).”
Meanwhile, Msiska warned that employers that harass, intimidate, exploit and abuse workers would have not only the affiliate unions but also the Federation to face.

“We call upon all FFTUZ affiliates to bring to the attention of the Federation any stubborn and exploitative employers,” noted Msiska.