Judge Muma recuses himself from handling case involving Kaizer Zulu

By Staff Reporter


LUSAKA High Court judge Wilfred Muma has recused himself from handling a case in which President Edgar Lungu’s special assistant for political affairs Kaizer Zulu and others are accused of kidnapping and assaulting four Lusaka residents.

Judge Muma who was allocated to handle the case, said there is a growing conflict of interest as he personally knew Zulu.

In this matter, four Lusaka men – Bernard Nshindo, Sengelwayo Jere, Saul Masikoti who are qualified surveyors and businessmen and Mason Mweemba, a driver, have sued Zulu, Mpange Kachingwe and Raffiq Rashid.

The plaintiffs have also cited the Attorney General, Chita Lodge Limited and its employee Bella Mwanza.

According to a statement of claim filed in court last month, the plaintiffs alleged that Zulu and his colleagues beat and kidnapped them on accusations that they were taking pictures of his speed boat at Chita Lodge in Kafue.

The four plaintiffs are seeking damages for assault, false imprisonment, kidnapping, among other claims.

They stated that Zulu fired several shots in the air while continuously assaulting them with his pistol and also pointing it to their heads with threats of killing them.

When the matter came up on September 26, 2019, there was no appearance from both the plaintiffs and the defendants.

And judge Muma yesterday endorsed on the file that he is recusing himself from handling the case because he personally knew Zulu.

“There is growing conflict of interest as I personally know the first defendant herein. I therefore, recuse myself and refer the matter for re-allocation,” said judge Muma.

The plaintiffs have alleged in their claim that while at Chita Lodge in Kafue on September 7, they were approached by Zulu, Kachingwe, Rashid, Mwanza and other unknown acquaintances, who accused them of taking pictures of Zulu’s speed boat.

The plaintiffs stated that they denied taking any such pictures but offered to delete all personal pictures taken on the phones while at Chita Lodge to satisfy the demands of Zulu and his colleagues.

The Plaintiffs alleged that at this point, Zulu, Kachingwe and Rashid while armed with pistols physically assaulted the second plaintiff Jere which lead Masikoti and Mweemba to attempt to drive out of Chita Lodge’s establishment.

They stated that Mwanza, as an employee of the lodge, ordered security guards to close all exits at the establishment leading to the apprehension and unlawful detention of Masikoti and Mweemba.

The plaintiffs added that this was after a car chase characterized by gun shots fired by Zulu, Kachingwe and Rashid.