Zambian parliament highly rated, claims Dr Matibini 

By Staff Reporter

Speaker of the National Assembly Dr Patrick Matibini says Zambia’s Parliament is highly rated in the SADC region and African continent as whole.

Dr Matibini said in a statement that the good practices of the Zambian parliament had received admiration from parliaments of other countries.

He was speaking at the 10th Pan African Parliament conference of the speaker of African Assemblies and Senates in Midrand, South Africa.

“Zambian parliament has recorded high number of delegates on the bench marking missions,” he said.

He added that the increased number of bench marking missions to Zambia was evidence of good practices.

Dr Matibini said there was need to start attaching experts to various parliamentary committees in order to make them more efficient.

He noted that it was important that parliamentary committee deliberations were research based.

He observed that the inclusion of experts in parliamentary committees would make them robust.