Chief Madzimawe demands arrest of escapee defiler 

By Staff Reporter

Chief Madzimawe of the Ngoni speaking people of  Kasenengwa district of Eastern Province had demanded the rearrest of the defilement suspect.

Mekelem  Nambo, 50 of Mapato village who  is alleged to have his 13 year old niece escaped from Chikungu police post in the area.

Chief Madzimawe said narrated  that  on July 22, 2019  the villagers effected a citizen arrest and was handed to police at Chikungu police post the following day.

The chief expressed shock that Nambo escaped from lawful custody without any explanation from the police.

“Perhaps the officer Incharge at this police post should explain why they kept this dangerous suspect longer than necessary in the holding cells instead of transferring him to Chipata central Police? The Eastern Province Police Command, should investigate thoroughly and tell us why they are helping a dangerous suspect escape easily from their custody ,” said Chief Madzimawe.

Chief Madzimawe urged regional police command to take keen interest in the matter and investigate the incompetence of officers at Chikungu police post.

“We demand answers as to what was Mekelem still doing at Chikungu police cells for  more than 5 days after his arrest ,when the law was very clear on the offense he committed and he was supposed to be charged pending investigations,” said chief Madzimawe.

The traditional leader said  it was sad to note that  some of the  police officers in the area are becoming an obstruction to justice as seen in the Mekelem case.