Lusaka maid in court for allegedly poisoning her employer 

By Staff Reporter
A HOUSE maid of Kamwala Site and Service in Lusaka has been taken to court for allegedly poisoning four slices of bread prepared for her female boss.
Naomi Muyemba is charged with maliciously administering poison with intent to harm.
It is alleged that on July 6 this year at Lusaka jointly and whilst acting together with other people unknown unlawfully and with intent to harm maliciously administered unknown poison  to four slices of bread given to Petronella Nkumbakwa.
On the material day between 06:00 hours and 08:00 hours, Nkumbakwa a manager at Tata Zambia Limited, was at her residence in Kamwala Site and Service.
She started preparing for work despite having a family dispute with her husband Jonathan Banda.
Nkumbakwa asked her husband if he was going to have breakfast but he responded in the negative, saying he was fasting.
She allegedly discovered a black substance in powder form on the four slices of bread and fried eggs which was packed  for her breakfast by Muyemba.
Since she was late for work, she carried the breakfast with her  but while  driving on Chilimbulu road, she removed the lunch box so that she could eat the food.
Nkumbakwa was allegedly surprised to  notice some black substance on the slice of bread and fried eggs and immediately stopped eating it and continued driving to work.
It was later discovered that the black powder was found in Muyemba’s small purse and the same was subjected to tests at the food and drugs laboratory at the University Teaching Hospital where it tested positive for poison.
Muyemba was apprehended in connection with the substance but she denied knowing anything.
When she appeared before chief resident magistrate Lameck Mwale, the magistrate allocated the case to  magistrate Judith Chiyaika where the accused is expected to take plea.