ACC not serious-Lusaka SP

By Staff Reporter


OPPOSITION Socialist Party in Lusaka Province is dismayed with Ant Corruption Commission’s (ACC) failure to ascertain the ownership of 48 houses built from money suspected to be proceeds of crime.

Lusaka Province spokesperson Graster Mundi said the party was in utter disbelief that a State institution mandated by an Act of Parliament to investigate and prosecute corruption cases could shamelessly, without any sense of responsibility, declare its failure to ascertain the ownership of the properties.


In a statement to this morning Mundi said the party has been anxiously waiting, since the news broke out, for a rebuttal from ACC denying the story.


“But alas, they are conspicuously mute, confirming that it is indeed their position. This is not only a sad development but extremely annoying. It sends a very negative connotation but more painful of all, is the confirmation that that institution was simply created to pursue the agenda of the ruling class. It is meant to stifle the interests of the poor, the working class,” said Mundi


He said it was easy to trace the ownership of a structure to the owners by checking some records at lands or person tenants were paying rentals to.


“One would expect the officers at ACC to at least use their moral reasoning when responding to tax payers’ questions on these very sensitive issues. These levels of arrogance and impunity are exacerbating the already volatile political mood in the country,” he said


Mundi has urged ACC to show leadership and stop behaving as though the country owed them some gratitude.

He reminded the investigators that they were employed to serve the interests of the citizens.