Lamba chief seeks Development 

By Staff Reporter

Chief Mwinuna of the Lamba speaking people of Mpongwe says he is longing for development in his chiefdom.

The traditional leader said it is sad that Mpongwe, which is a few kilometers from towns like Luanshya, had remained undeveloped.

He said that there  is no single road in Mpongwe which he could point at.

Chief Mwinuna said this on behalf of Lamba chiefs that attended the Kwilimuna traditional ceremony of Chief Malembeka on Saturday.

“We want the development which is in town to come here. The roads we have here are those that are killing people. We just want roads. Every year, we ask for the same things but I will ask again the same things. We have electricity yes, but we don’t have roads. So give us what we want also,” said chief Mwinuna.

And chief Malembeka said traditions need to be respected by the Zambian people.

“Our traditions need to be respected and upheld by all well meaning Zambians if our country is to be morally upright to enjoy peace and unity. Let us all unite in our traditional norms with pride and joy,” said chief Malembeka.

And government said traditional ceremonies play a vital role in upholding the cultural values of the country.

Youth and Sports Minister Emmanuel Mulenga said government will continue to support traditional leaders.

“The government values the role that traditional leaders play in society. So we need to work together to foster national development,” said Mulenga.