Court acquits Tayali of contempt, publishing defamatory statements 

By Staff Reporter

LUSAKA magistrate Sylvia Munyinya has acquitted Economic and Equity Party leader Chilufya Tayali of seven counts of contempt of court and publishing defamatory statements against Edward Sichali.

Magistrate Munyinya acquitted Tayali yesterday after
Sichali through his lawyers withdrew the matter.

In April this year, Tayali informed magistrate Munyinya that he had started reconciliation process with the complainant in a matter.

And Sichali  informed the court that he has reconciled with Tayali and as such, the case has been withdrawn.
Magistrate Munyinya allowed the withdrawal of the case and acquitted Tayali.

Tayali was facing seven counts of contempt of court and publishing defamatory statements against Sichali.

He is alleged to have accused Sichali of being sponsored by UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema to hold a protest at the University of Zambia (UNZA ) which saw the death of a student Vespers Shimuzhila.

Sichali, among other allegations, said the statements by Tayali of which some were posted on his Facebook page had a potential of prejudicing a matter which was already in court concerning Hichilema.

The case was privately prosecuted by Sichali’s lawyers Mulambo Haimbe and Laston Mwanabo while Tayali was defended by lawyer Jonas Zimba.
Speaking to journalist after the acquittal, Tayali said he was happy and grateful  that he has reconciled with both Hichilema and Sichali.

He said he had several other cases that were going on against him with the UPND but this was the last one as others had already been dropped.

Tayali said from now onwards, he would change in the manner he will be handling politics and interacting with people.

He said his apologies to those he would have offended still stands .

Tayali, however, said he will not compromise on his fight against corruption and would not apologize for taking those involved in corruption to task.