High Court orders LCC to be paying child maintenance from Sampa’s earnings

By Staff Reporter
THE Lusaka High Court has granted Mayor Miles Sampa’s former wife Mwika an order compelling the local authority to make payment of K7,000 from the former’s earnings in accordance with the Affiliation and Maintenance of Children Act.
According to an order signed by the High Court district registrar; “Miles Bwalya Emmanuel Sampa  of house  no. 41 Kudu Road, Kabulonga, Lusaka aged 49 years  and who works at the Lusaka  City Council  as the Mayor  of the city  of Lusaka is required  under a ruling  made on the  23rd day of  April 2019 by the High Court  for Zambia to  make monthly payments of K7,000 towards the monthly expenses of the child of the family on  or before  the 6th day of every month to the applicant Mwika Mwenechanya Sampa.”
The court also ordered the LCC to pay the outstanding school fees for the child and also the amount equal to not less than two of the monthly payments Sampa ignored to pay.
Mwika applied to the court to order LCC to be paying the K7,000 monthly out of Sampa’s earnings because he defaulted.
Recently, Sampa was ordered to be paying child maintenance of K7,000 per month after refusing Mwika’s plea that the Mayor should be paying K30,000.
The court had also ordered Sampa to clear the US$13,000 outstanding school fees for the child at American International School.
The court had also ordered Sampa to provide  a driver to be picking up the child from school and  to put the child on council medical scheme to which he was entitled  by virtue of the Mayoral employment as he had undertaken.
Meanwhile, judge Nicola Sharpe Phiri has set July 29 for inter partes hearing of Mwika’s application that Sampa be cited for contempt of court for disobeying the court orders of paying child maintenance.