Ndola City Council destroy power energy drinks

By Staff Reporter

THE Ndola City Council yesterday destroyed 5136 × 250 mls of natural power high energy drink.

This followed a court order to destroy the seized bottles from batches that had tested positive for sildenafil citrate after positive adulteration.

In a statement Ndola public relation manager Tilyenji Mwanza said following reports from Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa that confirmed that four batch numbers of the seven batches tested positive for Sildenafil or Sildenafil structural related substances in that Natural Power High Energy Drink, the Ndola City Council conducted a country wide product recall of the said batch numbers.

Mwanza said a total of 5 136 bottles were recalled and had been destroyed.

“Ndola City Council would like to mention that it will continue to closely monitor Revin Zambia Limited as well as curry out random inspection and testing of the Power Drink following the lift of the production suspension,” said Mwanza

She said sildenafil is an active ingredient in oral therapy for erectile dysfunction in men.

“It is a prescription medicine and should only be taken upon recommendation by a doctor as it has side effects and thus the sale to the general public combined with potential abuse by consumers is a threat to public health,” she said