Itezhi-tezhi hit by erratic water supply

By Staff Reporter

Thousands of Itezhi Tezhi district residents in Central Province have been hit by erratic water supply.

In an interview with Itezhi-tezhi Radio this morning, Lukanga Water Public Relations Manager Siwa Mweene explained that the inadequate water supply was due to Zesco load shedding which had been experienced in the area.

The water supply system is powered by Zesco electricity.

According to local reports; Masemu, Lilanda, Chibolya, African Shelter Housing areas and Kataba have been hit with erratic supply of water the past two months.

Mweene assured the residents that his company was working round the clock to address the problem.

All these residential areas are within reach of the Itezhi-tezhi dam, which is one of the largest man made dam in the country.