Kanabilumbu ward UPND aspirant resurfaces

By Staff Reporter

Opposition UPND Kanabilumbu ward aspiring councillor Misheck Mundandadwe has refuted media reports that he has withdrawn his candidature for July 30, 2019 by-election and defected to the PF.

In a letter to Kanabilumbu elections returning officer, Mundandadwe said the report should be dispelled with the contempt it deserves and called on the Patriotic Front not to drag his name into their politics of desperation as he was more determined to represent the people through the UPND.

He said he remained the UPND candidate in next week’s election and urged his supporters and electorate to rally behind him and the UPND as it was the only viable and realistic vehicle for national development.

Mundandadwe said that he remained optimistic of scooping the seat left vacant following the induced defection of a UPND sitting councillor to the PF.

And UPND deputy National Youth chairman, Gilbert Liswaniso called on the PF and its propaganda machine to stop playing politics of desperation on matters of national importance as it had the capacity of eroding public confidence and perception on elected representatives of the people.

Liswaniso said it was unfortunate that the PF would sink so low as to stage manage a defection and the withdrawal of the candidate and commended Mundandadwe for being magnanimous enough to refute the alleged defection as that would have had a grave impact on his personal and political life.

He warned the PF to desist from politics of desperation as there are more pressing national issues that need the attention of the government and political leaders such as the high hunger and poverty levels in Kaoma and Western province in general.

The UPND youth leader advised the PF to concentrate on service delivery and issue based politics unlike showing signs of desperation as the nation is bleeding from social and economic malaise created by the PF’s lack of foresight, vision and poor governance credentials.

Meanwhile, UPND provincial chairman Musangu Njamba told news day Zambia yesterday in a phone interview that Mundandwe had not resigned but was merely abducted.

Musangu alleged that the UPND candidate has been abducted by PF cadres.

“He was abducted yesterday around 20:00hours, even the wife is not aware of his whereabouts. We have reported the matter to police,” he said.