Chisamba council releases K171, 103 for Mututu bridge

By staff reporter

CHISAMBA Town Council has released money for the rehabilitation of Mututu bridge in the district.

Mututu bridge is approximately 98 kilometres from Chisamba town and is a link for Chisamba Constituency’s Muswishi ward residents and other travellers to Kabwe town in Central Province.

The bridge is being rehabilitated at a total cost of K171, 103.

According to a press statement issued by Chisamba town council public relations officer Nancy Chenga, the local authority was distressed with the deplorable state of Mututu bridge after council secretary Titus Goma, in company of all heads of departments, visited the bridge to check on its status in April this year.

“It was at this point that CTC (Chisamba town council) had to quickly mobilise resources under the Local Government Equalization Fund (LGEF) for the reinforcement and rehabilitation of the Mututu bridge because it had become a danger to the residents of Muswishi ward, even making it more difficult for school going children to go to school,” Chenga said.

“So far, all the necessary materials have been bought and the works at the bridge have commenced, mostly ground work has been done. As a local authority, we remain committed to efficiently serve the residents of Chisamba in a more effective way while giving credit to government for its consistency to release the Local Government Equalization Fund.”

She commended the: “efforts and the spirit of oneness” exhibited by residents of Muswishi ward by working together with personnel from Chisamba town council’s department of works to see to it that works on the bridge succeed.

Chenga further disclosed that the Chisamba town council had other Constituency Development Fund (CDF) projects in the pipeline.