We shouldn’t kill another on account of politics – Kalaba

By Staff Reporter

WE don’t have to kill one another because of politics, says Harry Kalaba.

Kalaba, who is Democratic Party (DP) president, says he will continue to do politics void of violence and hatred.

He was speaking in Charles Lwanga Catholic Parish in Itezhi tezhi where he went to worship on Sunday.

Kalaba was accompanied by the opposition party’s supreme body, Democratic National Committee (DNC) member Philip Matavu, Central Province chairman Christopher Noole, national women’s chairperson Bridget Nkhoma and national mobilisation chairman Ian Chapiya Shalusabanga.

“I must pledge that I’ll heed to what the pastoral letter, which was issued a few days ago, has said. I’ll practise politics of love, non-violence and making sure that we co-exist and believe that even in diversity, there must be unity,” Kalaba said.

“Nintemwa sana ukuba kuno (I’m happy to be here) and when the choir was singing, I was wondering if at all I’m truly in Itezhi tezhi because most of the songs they sang are common on the Copperbelt and in Mansa where I originate from. Even when the priest was preaching, he was using Nyanja, Tonga and English and it shows that we are the same people.”

He added that there was no need for Zambians to bitterly differ on account of politics.

“What I’m asking from you Christians is to pray for us politicians so that there can be love among us. We don’t have to kill one another because of politics. Zambia is bigger than all of us. Once we fully realise that Zambia is one and that we must co-exist, we’ll go forward,” noted Kalaba.

Meanwhile, Charles Lwanga Catholic Parish priest Fr Patrick Kabombi said: “the Church is open to anyone!”
“We are brothers and sisters. So, president, thank you so much for coming. I wish you and your friends [in the DP] all the best. I can assure you that we’ll always be praying for you,” he said.

Earlier in his homily, the clergyman stressed the importance of love among humanity.

“You don’t lose anything by showing love to others. How do you treat people that you meet? Muyanda kuti bantu kabamuyeya buti (how do you want people to be remembering you)? If you want to be remembered for good things, treat everyone fairly, with love, respect and there’s a blessing attached to that – like the way Abraham and Sarah were blessed…” preached Fr Kabombi.

Kalaba and his entourage later attended a Church service at New Life Tabernacle within Itezhi tezhi.