Bring sanity to CBU, students urge Dr Mushimba

By Staff Reporter

Copperbelt University students have asked new Higher education minister Dr Brian Mushimba to bring sanity to tertiary education.

CBU students council chairperson Molle Mutemule says students have suffered enough under Prof. Nkandu Luo.

He said the continued closure of CBU was not healthy to the education system in Zambia.

Mutemula said Dr Mushimba should not use emotions in dealing with issues affecting education like his predecessor Professor Luo was doing.

“We have all the confidence in Dr Mushimba. He is a sober man unlike the minister in Prof Luo. So we want Dr Mushimba to bring sanity at CBU and other tertiary institutions. A minister should never take higher learning institutions as his or her personal to holder. We are students that need to be guided,” Mutemula said.

 He said that students are happy with the decision taken by President Edgar Lungu to transfer prof Luo.

Mutemule accused Prof Luo failing to provide leadership as Minister of Higher Education.