Let’s wake up and stop being fooled-Bishop Mambo 

By Staff Reporter

Bishop John Mambo has called on Zambians to wake up and stop being fooled by some selfish politicians.

Speaking over the weekend during the yellow card campaign at the parliament buildings, Bishop Mambo said it was sad and disappointing that some elected leaders do not respect the electorate.

He said it was unfortunate that even the church was being insulted by the some politicians and yet they go round the churches kneeing for votes.

“Our own children have started fooling us, when looking for votes they knee in churches in order for us to vote for them. Once they are elected we become their servants, so you and I should not allow to be there servants in our own country, 55 years after independence. This time it’s one Zambia one china,” said Bishop Mambo

He said it was sad that Zambians were being punished in their own country by some Chinese nationals.

Bishop Mambo also questioned why the Copperbelt University was still closed despite several cries from the poor ordinary Zambians.

“CBU is closed, our children are not learning and yet there children learn from international universities outside the country,” he said.

He said the degenerating health delivery system in the country was worrying.

“Let’s bring out the fear we have, if they come looking for votes tell them off and ask them if he or she will address our challenges and ready to work with the electorate as we have been fooled for so many years. so please stop been fooled by politicians,” he said.