Chipata residents celebrate Mawere’s dismissal 

By Staff Reporter

Chipata residents have celebrated the dismissal of Moses Mawere as Sports minister.

Some comments monitored by on social media, some residents have welcomed the firing of the Chipata Central Member of Parliament from cabinet.

Chibisa Banda commended president Lungu for firing Mawere.

“No mercy, no regrets, correct decision infact it has come late but he’s going to be brought in his own shoes so that he respects his people at the grassroots,” said Banda

He said that Mawere had failed the people of Chipata Central.

Sairi Sairi and Rabs Phiri said the decision taken by President Lungu is the best ever and have since challenged the law maker to start visiting the constituency and address the problems people face.

And Moses Zimba told that the development was welcome and hoped that Mawere would now start visiting the constituents.

Zimba said Mawere has been rude to his electorates since he became the minister.

“We have always been waiting for this time for mawere to be fired. Maybe we can now see him in the counstituncy for him to respond to our cries as Chipata Central residents. Mawere has always been busy with his position and we don’t know what he was doing,” said Zimba

He added that it was also disappointing that Mawere as Sports minister failed to do any works at David Kaunda stadium in the constituency.

Meanwhile some business people have joined in cerebrating Mawere’s firing by printing t-shirts which are written MAWERE FIRED #TISEKELELA and MAWERE YOU ARE FIRED! #IVOSUZACITA

Last week, President Lungu fired Moses Mawere as Sports minister.

Early last month, Mawere also threatened to deal with Prime Television reporter Osward Yambani for airing the complaints from the people of Chipata Central.

Mawere thanked President Lungu for according him an opportunity to serve in his cabinet.