Dr Habaazoka urges govt to nationalise some mines

By Staff Reporter

Economics Association of Zambia president Dr Lubinda Habaazoka has urged government to nationalize some mines without compensation.

Dr Habaazoka contended that nationalization of the country’s mining assets could lead to economic freedom.

And opposition People’s Alliance for Change (PAC) leader Andyford Banda said it was possible for Zambians to own and run big mines if favorable policies are in place to support their operations.

 Banda noted that current laws did not encourage locals to adequately invest in the mining sector.

Banda however stated that empowerment of locals could not rule out foreign direct investment towards the mining sector.

He also appealed to the Ministry of Mines And Minerals Development to start taking interest in the welfare of small scale miners in order to enable them grow into big mining companies.

Meanwhile, Dr Habaazoka has alleged that most of the foreign mining companies had no empathy for the people.

He stated that nationalizing the mines would also address the problem of cheating on taxes.