You will not kill the voices of Zambians –  Zulu 

By Staff  Reporter

Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) have vowed never to be intimidated but speak for the voiceless.

Speaking during the launch of the Yellow card “break the silence” campaign this morning at Parliament grounds, activist Michael Zulu urged Zambians to take ownership of the country.

“ We are here because of the police that  are there,  we are here because of the cadres that are hungry, we are here because of our mothers that have no access to health care, we are here because of the students of Copperbelt University( CBU)  who are languishing . We will not be intimidated, we will not be afraid because Zambia is ours,” said Zulu.

Zulu reminded those in positions of leadership to take national interest before self.

“But this time they want to be worshiped like God, I will not worship any leader especially if he was not doing the right thing. Students of CBU are being turned into destitute today, because of poor decision making by our leaders. What we are seeing now comrades was the systematic shrinking of democratic space,” he said.

Zulu charged that the current government was  killing democratic space through using the police, the judiciary and political cadres.

“Today we have a  Journalist Derrick Sinjela, who was  languishing in prison because of speaking out, and I know one person Bishop John Mambo who was just Luck. We are being intimidated, so Zambian’s must stand fame. You can kill one voice today but you cannot kill the voice of the Zambians,” said Zulu.

Meanwhile, one of the yellow card campaign organisers Chama Fumba aka Pilato said the initiative was intended to raise awareness of the abuses in the country.

And civil rights activist Laura Miti commended those who attended the inaugural campaign event.

“We have shown our power, we have shown our resistance, we will not assemble for our country to be destroyed. We don’t want to be accused of causing violence, we are peaceful people and today we have taken our power. I urge you  to go home and say yellow card to corruption, yellow card to NDF constitution,” said Laura.

Thousands of people from all walks of life had gathered at Parliament ground in Lusaka this morning to wittiness the launch of the yellow card campaign which was organised by civil society organisations.