8 Petauke villagers arrested for poaching, illegal firearms 

By Staff Reporter

EIGHT suspected poachers have been arrested in Petauke district for being in possession of illegal fire arms and government trophy.

Department of National Parks and Wildlife Petauke area Warden, William Soko confirmed the development to Zambia News & Information Service this morning.

Soko said among the eight suspects, seven were found in possession of unregistered or illegal fire arms while one was found in possession of a common duiker or Impala game meat weighing about 8 kilograms.

“The suspects were apprehended from Chief Nyamphande area. The suspects are believed to have been poaching from an open area in Nyamphande Chiefdom, where the small animals are found or Sandwe Game Management area in Lusangazi district, which is close to Petauke,” explained Soko.

He said it was an offence for any person to be found in possession of fire arms or game meat without any licence.

“The eight are currently detained at Petauke Police station and will appear in court soon,” he said