DP calls for solidarity against the continued closure of CBU 

By Staff Reporter

The opposition Democratic Party (DP) says the continued closure of Copperbelt University by the Patriotic Front is a serious source of concern.

In a statement DP spokesperson Judith Kabemba said the PF had developed a tendency of hiding their failures by resorting to acts of intimidation.

Kabemba said the continued closure of CBU was only meant to sustain oppression and intimidation against students in other institutions of higher learning.

“What we need to realise as a country is that this act will have serious consequences on students, their families and the nation at large in the near future. Many students that PF has sent in the streets may not be able to return to school due to different circumstances. The mental torture that PF has subjected them to may also cause them to engage in wrong vices that may cost their precious lives,” said Kabemba

She has since appealed to the church, civil societies, students and parents from other Universities as well as CBU and the public to add their voices against the injustice.

“In this same regard, the Democratic Party will be conducting a peaceful walk in Kitwe in solidarity of the students and their families.  We shall also use this opportunity to ask President Lungu to look at a bigger picture and open CBU rather than the current stance taken to punish the students and their families,” she said.