SP women’s league praise Wina 

By Staff Reporter
Members of the Socialist Party Women’s League this morning expressed solidarity with Zambia’s first female Republican Vice-President Inonge Wina.
Speaking when the SP Women’s League visited the exhibition currently running at the National Archives in Lusaka in honour of Vice-President Wina, League member Ivy Hacheelo said the gallery exhibition was highly educational.
“As women’s leaque from the  Socialist Party we came here to pay a homemage to our first female Vice President Inonge Wina. It was a great honor to view this exhibition of our first female Vice President,” she said.
“For the past 50 years since independence we could not have a female Vice President. Being here at the exhibition we have learned more of her profile, international contribution, national contribution, continental contribution community contribution , education and her political life”.
Hacheelo said the women’s league was inspired that Vice-President Wina had been a gender activist who spoke for the voiceless while at international level she was guest speaker for more than 15 meetings organised by the United Nations.
“Our word to the people,  especially girls and  women is that they should take time to come here to learn about the first female Vice President so that some of them can be inspired and be like  what she is today,” said Hacheelo
Recently, Socialist Party 2021 presidential candidate Dr Fred M’membe, a member of the Wina family, visited the exhibition and said the pictorial display evoked both happy and sad memories.
He also remarked that it was good to see Vice-President Wina still beautiful and pretty as ever.