Mwanakatwe dismissal long overdue- DP

By Staff Reporter

The opposition Democratic Party (DP) says the firing of Margaret Mwanakatwe as Minister of Finance was long overdue and wonders what President Lungu was waiting for.

In a statement , DP Spokesperson Judith Kabemba said that her party acknowledged the potential and knowledge that Dr Bwalya Ng’andu carried and would not take away anything from him.

Kabemba said that the DP, however believed that Dr Ng’andu’s appointment would not change the status quo as the PF government was soaked in corruption and theft.

“Dr Ng’andu will not change anything because the current system is allergic to transparency and accountability. And in trying to help the situation, he will be fought from all corners and frustrated by those with the agenda to enrich themselves.  And this appointment may just end up to be one of those traps that may tarnish his political career,” she explained.

And on the firing of Mumbi Phiri, Kabemba observed that the provision for the appointment of eight nominated members of parliament by the President is to find what may be termed as special qualities and skills in manpower that may not be present in the elected MPs.

She added that the rationale for this was to allow the President function effectively with capable and qualified people.

Meanwhile,  Kabemba questioned the skills and qualities the President saw in Mumbi Phiri to nominate her as an MP.

“He should explain what the rationale in that appointment was. Otherwise we shall continue to receive appointments that are not in national interest but made simply to appease affiliates and later on dump them, which is costly for the country,” she stated.

She however maintained that President Lungu had no agenda for this country hence his continued miscalculations in governance.

” He should be voted out in 2021 in order to redeem this country,” she said.