Kalomo, Livingstone fuel pump stations fail quality tests

By Staff Reporter

The Energy Regulation Board (ERB) says fuel samples collected from affected filling stations in Livingstone and Kalomo have failed the laboratory tests.

ERB Spokesperson Kwali Mfuni said the fuel samples have failed the texts due to high earned boiling point which is an indication of contamination.

Mfuni said all petrol samples collected from the Tazama, Puma, Total, and Engine Lusaka depots were found to be compliant to quality specifications.

She however said that petrol samples collected from Kobil Lusaka depot was not compliant to quality specifications.

“On the basis of the laboratory analysis results and certification, the problem in the two districts at the affected filling station is isolated to the concerned oil marketing company fuel distribution,”  Mfuni said.

She has since confirmed that the fuel contamination did not emanate from the Tazama fuel depot in Lusaka, but the problem would have been wide spread and not only localized to selected filling stations in Livingstone and Kalomo.

Mfuni further confirmed that fuel contamination at affected filling stations in Livingstone could have occurred in transit or on site as results from the affected depots in Lusaka showed that the product was within specification.

“ Contamination in the fuel chain can occur at various stages such as at storage and handling at fuel depots, transportation and offloading from the load tank vehicle to the underground tank,” She said.

Mfuni however said results from the kobil fuel depots in Lusaka reviewed that contamination emanated from the deport.

She said the Energy Regulation Board has with immediate effect quarantined the kobil deport pending recertification.

Recently motorist in the Livingstone and Kalomo of Southern Province raised concerns of fuel contaminations.