NAREP affirms it’s commitment to success of opposition alliance 

By Staff Reporter

THE National Restoration Party has affirmed its commitment to the success of the opposition alliance.

Patriots for Economic Progress (PeP) last week withdrew its membership to the opposition alliance.

NAREP secretary General Ezra Ngulube said the party believed that Zambians were not interested in small political parties or individual political parties but in unity of purpose for development of the nation.

“The National Restoration Party would like to affirm our commitment to the alliance and we are willing and we’ll be able to offer leadership to make sure that it is a success. It is not right for us to separate from the alliance at this point, so we are disappointed that our colleagues from PEP have decided to leave the alliance,” Ngulube said.

He clarified that what was obtaining was not an electoral alliance, but unity of purpose. Ngulube added that leaders of the alliance previously held discussions on how best to move forward. He said certain conclusions were being met and therefore it was incumbent on secretaries general of respective parties to relay them to the general public.
Ngulube added that the opposition alliance had reached a point where political parties were able to agree to disagree.

“Yes, as in any other sector of life, it is normal for individuals to disagree. There are disagreements in the alliance. It could be some individuals’ purposes to disrupt our intentions, but as leaders and as NAREP, we think it is not right for us to wash our dirty laundry in public before a proper discussion. The Roan election was one of our first attempts to a united purpose, so for anyone to decide to leave is a move that is wholly individualistic and they shall not be forced to stay as they also were not forced to join,” said Ngulube.

“We have reached a point where political parties are able to sit together and agree to disagree. This is our alliance and as leaders we will work hard to see it work. We will carry on pushing our agenda because we believe that nobody should win unless there is a united purpose of us winning together.”

Last Wednesday the Patriots for Economic Progress announced its immediate withdrawal from the opposition alliance.

Speaking at a press briefing in Lusaka, PeP leader Sean Tembo said the need for opposition unity as a prerequisite for electoral victory in 2021 was not shared by some of the key members of the alliance.
He said some of the alliance members believed that they were capable of winning the 2021 general elections without the need for opposition unity.