Zambians have reinforced Lungu’s impunity 

By Staff Reporter

Alliance for community Action Excutive  Director  Laura Miti has charged that Zambians have taught President Edgar Lungu impunity

Miti allegded that President Lungu assumed the PF presidency using one o f the dodgiest processes ever known to Zambian politics and he got away with it.

She lamented that lungu became Republican President via elections no one is quite certain he won.

“He has benefited from bizarre Concourt rulings. For all that, he has paid zero consequences”she said.

“As President, he has been entirely absent. EEdgar Lungu refuses to even pretend he has a plan for the country much less that he is steering the ship away from danger when it arises. Again, Zambians have watched this silently”.

Laura alleged that President  lungu and those around him are corrupt hence they have become spectacularly rich in a short period.

“He has seemingly mainstreamed theft of public resources in his administration all done with certainty no one will ask questions. I could add introducing hitherto unknown violence and hatred in the national psyche but I think I have made my point,”She said.

“The question is, why would a President taught such impunity by the citizenry not cap it all by crossing the last frontier? Why would he not hijack our constitution and ensure he can be President whether anyone likes it or not”.

Laura further cautioned  President Lungu to note that there were citizens who think enough is enough.