M’membe has heart for poor Zambians – Kitwe youth

By staff reporter

THE Socialist Party and Dr Fred M’membe are the only hope poor Zambians have to fix our economy and deal with the growing injustice, says Haggai Silunjili, a Kitwe-based youth and community service worker.

In a media statement, Silunjili thanked Dr M’membe, the Socialist Party 2021 presidential candidate, and the left-leaning party leadership for holding their first-ever public rally in Kitwe on June 22.

He stated that the speech delivered by Dr M’membe in Kitwe was on point.

“Indeed Zambia needs a leader like him. He is so focused with a heart to better lives of the poor and less privileged people,” Silunjili, who was among the hundreds of youths that volunteered either as crowd marshals, enumerators, artistic performers and pre-rally mobilisers, stated.

“Socialist Party is the only solution we have as Zambians to fix our economy and other problems Zambia is facing today. There is injustice going on in our country and no one is standing out to fight back.”

He added that the youth in Zambia’s mining hub understood that under a socialist economic system, the means of production or the natural resources were owned and managed by the workers’ State.

“Meaning, employment won’t be an issue for Zambian youths, unlike what is happening in capitalism. The foreign investors come with their engineers and workers and make our own Zambian engineers jobless with some working as general workers,” Silunjili highlighted.

“In socialism, economic activities are carried on mainly for social gains and personal interest is of less significance. In this economic system, the anti-social activities like smuggling and hoarding find no place.”

He further stated that socialist-oriented economic activities were planned with a motive of social benefit in mind, through a central planning authority.

“So, I am urging my fellow youths from the Copperbelt to stand with Dr Fred M’membe and march with the Socialist Party and embrace socialism. Let’s fight capitalism at all costs,” stated Silunjili.

“Capitalism can’t be fought by capitalism but by socialism. Together we can build this nation. Capamo (together) we’ll bring down capitalism. Harder nabena (with them).”

Commenting on the first-ever Socialist Party Kitwe public rally, Chikondi Foundation president Bishop John Mambo told The Mast recently that for him, Dr M’membe and the Socialist Party had become a third-horse in the race to liberate Zambia.

He said Dr M’membe demonstrated maturity because his message at the rally was not laced with derision.