Court moves to view flats allegedly belonging to Gen Chimese in Ibex Hill

By Staff Reporter

LUSAKA magistrate Nsunge Chanda yesterday moved to Ibex Hill to view nine fully furnished flats alleged to belong to former Zambia Air Force Commander Eric Chimese.

Magistrate Chanda was moved to the site by a witness Martin Chanda Mwensha, a ZAF electrician who showed her the chandeliers and down lights he installed at the premises.

As magistrate Chanda was viewing the flats in the company of chief state advocate Gamaliel Zimba who is prosecuting the case, Mwensha explained the role he played of installing the chandeliers and down lights at the instruction of Lieutenant General Eric Chimese.

Gen Chimese, his wife Sharon and Chita Lodges managing director James Chungu were also present together with the defence lawyers.

This is in a matter Chimese, Sharon and Chungu are charged with abuse of authority and concealing of property suspected to be proceeds of crime.

And testifying at the site, Mwensha started by pointing at one of the houses where he claimed the fitting materials such as chandeliers and down lights were kept in boxes.

He said he also fitted lights in bedrooms, lichens, corridors, television rooms, corridors and bathrooms.
As Mwensha led the court from one house to another,  chief state advocate Zimba informed the court that it has come to his attention that house number four and five were occupied by tenants.

But magistrate Chanda said she would proceed to view them because her interest is to gather evidence and the houses were the subject of the case.

And Mwensha said when he first went to the property, he was taken by a ZAF driver and Lt Col Dexter Maseko.

He said he was taken to the flats to put electrical fittings after Lt Col Maseko requested him to do so and he was not paid anything.

But Lt Col Maseko when he appeared in court to give his evidence-in-chief on Tuesday, he denied knowing any property of Gen Chimese, adding that the only time he interacted with the former Commander during the construction of the banquet hall at ZAF Chamba Valley.

The case was adjourned to Friday for the defence to cross examine Mwensha.