Chisamba council sets aside K297, 000 for 10 boreholes

By Staff Reporter

THE Chisamba town council says it is committed to improving the severe erratic water situation in the district.

According to Chisamba town council public relations officer Nancy Chenga, the local authority was equal to the task and ready to deliver to the expectations of Chisamba residents.

Chenga, in a press statement last week indicated that the local authority had embarked on borehole drilling exercise in 10 wards of Chisamba Constituency.

She disclosed that there would be four boreholes in Chamuka, four in Chikonkomene, one in Chisamba and one in Mwantaya wards.

“The total cost for the 10 boreholes is approximately K297, 000 only. We started drilling last week and so far, we have successfully drilled eight boreholes and completed civil works on three,” Chenga stated.

“As you may be aware, Chisamba district is vast and many residents that live in far places do not have access to clean drinking water and it was just right for the local authority to quickly move in and help change the lives of the people by providing a service. In this regard, the local authority will remain committed to ensuring that the benefiting communities take good care of the boreholes by keeping them clean.”

Meanwhile, Chenga thanked the communities where the boreholes were being drilled for their support, emphasising that it would have been difficult for council officers alone to do what the people yearned for: “without their participation.”

She further stated that the local authority had also doubled its efforts in sensitising the residents on keeping their surroundings clean, green and healthy.

Chenga added that public health inspectors from Chisamba town council were working with the Ministry of Health staff to ensure that all traders and marketeers adhere to the public health Act Cap 295 of the laws of Zambia.

“Our team is not resting; they conduct random inspections in all places and it was just good that traders adhere and uphold good sanitary conditions in their trading places,” stated Chenga.