East MP’S are not united  – Mangani 

By Staff Reporter

Former Chipata Central Member of Parliament, Lameck Mangani has observed lack of unity among members of parliament in Eastern Province.

Speaking during Political Hour programme this morning on Breeze FM, Mangani advised MPs from Eastern Province to speak with one voice to lobby for development.

Mangani explained that during his tenure as Chipata Central MP, law makers from the region spoke with one voice to lobby for development and that this was what led to some roads being funded.

“ I’m disappointed to note  that most road projects like the Chipata-Vubwi and Chipata-Chadiza have  been stalled and  township roads are in a deplorable state. There was need  for an economic indaba to address the current economic crisis, which the country was  facing before it gets worse,” he said.

“ There should be a collective approach to the problem like sharing of new ideas especially that government had embarked on too many infrastructure developments, which depleted national coffers. Changing of leadership was not an option because at times, changes can worsen the situation, which Zambia was  going through”.

Mangani also disclosed that he lost a house due to failure to pay back a bank loan, which he obtained in 2011 to assist former late President Michael Sata in political campaigns.

“ A vehicle, which was given to me  by the Patriotic Front Party for political campaigns in 2016 was grabbed from me  after PF won elections, while others who were given similar vehicles still have them. I’m not bitter over these two developments because politics is about gambling, which can result in a win or loss,” said Mangani.

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