Dr Fred M’membe praises Zambia national achieves 

By Staff Reporter

SOCIALIST Party 2021 presidential candidate Dr Fred M’membe has commended the Zambia national archives for continually stocking  historical pictures and literature for the country.

Speaking when he went to see the exhibition of pictures for Vice-President Inonge Wina at the national achieves offices this morning, Dr M’membe said the pictures and literature evoked happy and sad memories.

He said the pictures reminded him of shared moments with some of the close relatives.

“So those are my relatives I spent time with them, happy moments, sad moments seeing them frozen in pictures can be quite painful,” said Dr M’membe.

“In one breath you have a smile on your face, in another you are sad because most of people you saw in those pictures are gone and they are not with us today. It was nice to have the Vice President comrade Inonge Wina still vibrant, still looking beautiful as ever, its nice to see her in those pictures with the departed ones”.

He said it was encouraging for the national archives to host exhibitions about people who had made humble contributions to the country.

“They teach us quite a lot, they bring us back memories for the young ones, they are able to see the people they just heard about, whom they have not seen,” he said