Be ware of counterfeit notes, Mafinnga  MP cautions farmers. 

By Staff Reporter.

Mafinga Member of Parliament Jacob Siwale has urged farmers in the area to be aware of counterfeit notes as the crop marketing season approaches.

Siwale told the farmers to sell their produce to credible buyers to avoid being swindled by fake briefcase buyers who are reported  to be buying maize from farmers using counterfeit notes.

“It is important that village headmen and their communities scrutinise buyers that enter into communities to buy maize from farmers. Farmers are among the victims that fall prey to fake notes, especially during the crop marketing seasons,” said Siwale.

Meanwhile, Muchinga Province police commissioner Joel Njase disclsoed that there had been a number of cases if counterfeit notes, with the latest incident recorded on Sunday, June 30, 2019.

Njase said in June 28, 2019 two men of Isoka were arrested as they tried to deposit K2,300 counterfeit notes at an Airtel mobile money agent in Chama District.

“The Duo who have been identified as, Geshom Sichimata and Stephen  Musango, aged 34 and 32 years respectively, were found in possession of K100 counterfeit notes bearing serial numbers FF12827991 all amounting to K10,000  and have since been detained and are in police custody,” he said

” I can also confirm that  on  Sunday,30th June 2019, an unknown male person deposited K1,500 at an MTN booth in Chinsali district. Unfortunately the suspect disappeared after realising that the owner of the booth recognised the notes.The owner of the booth immediately reversed the transaction reported the matter and handed over the fake notes to police in Chinsali,” said Njase