LCC sanctions construction of Kalundu Mall

By Staff Reporter

Lusaka City Council (LCC) has permitted Shumeite Investment Limited to resume construction works of shopping mall on Plot number 5477 in Kalundu.

This is contrary to an article in Daily Nation of Monday 24th June 2019 which suggested that the investor had defied court and resumed construction works.

According to the Daily Nation LCC was playing cat and mouse games over the approval of the Kalundu Mall Project as it has failed to produce documentation pertaining to the same.

Area councillor Douglas Tembo charged that the LCC had since Monday failed to avail the project approval letter as demanded by the residents, thereby creating threats of a possible showdown between the residents and Shumeite Investment.

However, the Council in the letter to the developer dated 17th June, 2019 permitted the resumption of construction works. The letter lifted the enforcement notice of 6th June, 2017 following a court ruling.

“Please be notified that the enforcement notice of 6th June 2017 has been lifted,” the letter read in part further setting out some conditions to be followed during construction works.

Some of the conditions were that the developer needed to engage Council building inspectors to be inspecting works, no works on Sundays and public holidays and that the plan should always be available on site.

Others were that the developer needed to suppress dust and control noise, among other building regulations.

George Sichimba, LCC Public Relations Manager said the article in the Daily Nation headlined “Chinese firm defies court, resumes Kalundu mall works” was not balanced because it lacked the input from LCC which had been handling the matter.

Sichimba has since appealed to Kalundu residents and the media to get facts from the Council about the project.

Sichimba said it was important that all residents of Lusaka support the urban renew agenda which the city has embarked on.