Arrest warrant against Koffi to be effected the moment he sets foot in Zambian – court 

By Staff Reporter
THE Lusaka Magistrates’ Court has issued a bench warrant against renowned Congolese Rhumba King Koffi Olomide to be returned upon his arrest whenever he set foot in Zambia.
Magistrate Mwandu Sakala issued the bench warrant after the complainant freelance photojournalist Jean Nepomuscene Ndayisenga also known as Jean Mandela informed the court that he had difficulties accessing Koffi whose real name is Antoine Christopher Agpepa Mumba because he was living in a foreign national.
A local bench warrant could not be effected in Democratic Republic of Congo or anywhere else due to jurisdiction.
Mandela said Zambia did not have law that required a private prosecution to be discontinued via  nolle prosequi.
He urged the court to use her discretion to ensure that the due course of the law is done in the case.
In her ruling, magistrate Sakala granted  the application, adding that for as long as Koffi remain at large, the bench warrant will remain in force until he is apprehended.
Koffi is alleged to have kicked Mandela in the face as he tried to take photographs of him after a live performance at Pamodzi hotel in 2012.

Mandela reported Koffi for assault at Kabwata police station but the case was transferred to Lusaka Central police.

But police before Koffi visited Zambia issued a report that he had no case to answer due to insufficient evidence.

This prompted Mandela to write the Director of Public Prosecution to request for a private prosecution which was granted.