K450,000 CDF allocated for Msoro police post in Malambo – Makebi

By staff Reporter

Malambo Member of Parliament Makebi Zulu has disclosed that K450,000 has been allocated for construction of a police post in Chieftainess Msoro’s area of the Kunda speaking people.

Zulu expressed optimism that the police presence in the area would reduce incidences of crime.

“We will also work on the police post in Mphomwa area to ensure that there is law and order in our community.It is the role of government to protect the citizenry of the country. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Her Royal Highnesses in Malambo for the commitment they are showing towards development,” said Makebi.

“I would also want to specifically commended Chieftainess Msoro for allocating land to construct the police Post.Thank you very much the traditional leadership in Mambwe for being instrumental in the fight against Child Marriages and promoting education. Together we can reduce the inequalities and poverty”.