Unemployment in Kapiri worries Kalaba

By Staff Reporter
DEMOCRATIC Party president Harry Kalaba has lamented the high unemployment levels prevailing in Kapiri Mposhi district.
Kalaba, in an interview shortly after attending mass at St Bernardine of Siena parish in Kapiri Mposhi, observed that high unemployment levels currently prevailing in the area were compelling young people to engage in bad vices.
“I usually pass through Kapiri Mposhi and what I see is that there’s high unemployment levels owing to the collapse of major industries like the Kapiri Glass Factory and other companies that were viable. At TAZARA workers are going for months without salaries and retirees at the same railway company have not been paid for years and years,” Kalaba explained.
“Certainly there are high unemployment levels in Kapiri Mposhi district and because of this, Kapiri Mposhi is ranking high in terms of alcohol consumption among youths because young people have nothing to do. They are failing to engage in productive activities. Kapiri Mposhi is ranking high in terms of prostitution among youths and basically young people are engaging in all sorts of illicit activities.”
Kalaba, a former Bahati PF member of parliament and an ex-foreign affairs minister, further complained that the current regime was failing Zambians.
“All these challenges are not being addressed because there’s lack of leadership in this country. The current PF leadership is failing the people of Zambia,” he noted.
He added that the Democratic Party (DP), once it formed government, was determined to liberate Zambians economically.
“When we form government, we will ensure that we revive Kapiri Glass Factory, address the challenges facing TAZARA employees, address the numerous difficulties facing the youths in Kapiri Mposhi today [and] empower them with various skills so that they start engaging in productive activities,” explained Kalaba.
“We are committed to liberate Zambians economically. The challenges facing the Zambian citizenry today are not insurmountable and as Democratic Party, we are equal to the task. Like I said, there’s currently lack of leadership in this country.”